WTS: US: Level 85 Blood Elf Mage - Horde Kilrogg PVE

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    Asking $125 Firm - Read the Bonuses you get (Especially if you want to make Alts)

    Armory: .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=244304
    Expansions: Cataclysm Activated
    Race: Blood Elf
    Class: Mage
    Server: Kilrogg/PvE(Transfer available)
    Faction: Horde
    Level: 85
    Gold: Little over 19,000
    Tradeskills: 524 Herbalism / 490-500~ish Enchanting
    Account Safety: Blizzard Authenticator (I can mail it to you or remove it before handing over the account so you can use your own)

    Bonus: ($75 Value) Zygors Alliance/Horde leveling guide for 1-80 and Zygors Horde Leveling guide for 80-85. Trust me, this is by far the best possible in-game leveling guide out. Updates every step by step in-game by its self, as well as many awesome customizable options and frequent fixes and updates.

    I spent maybe a total of 12-14 hours played and I went from 80-85 just following the guide, skippnig Vashijr or whatever the waterzone was to increase time so no water mount yet.

    Alts: Not really anything special. 62 Death Knight which was working on other tradeskills a year back to increase my AH profits by a few thousand a day. Lowbie Healer for AH mule and posting with Auctioneer, and few other money making mods to boot.

    He has over the gear needed to qualify for Heroic Randoms, only has one Epic which its the belt that goes for 12-14k on the AH that I farmed the mats for . The biggest bonus is he has 19,000+ gold, which is under the 20k if someone bought and decided to transfer.

    The account comes with all the information possible and whatever else may be needed .

    Feel free to PM me with any other details. If you want my AIM or Phone Number to discuss, PM me and ill be happy to trade information to beable to easier discuss details and terms.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.