WTS: US: Item level 356 holy and 352 ret paladin.

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    ****ORIGINAL OWNER****


    I'm interested in selling my world of warcraft account. She is a level 85 BE paladin on a high populated pvp server.

    All of her gear is pvp gear.

    Item level 356 holy set consist of 6 pieces of the epic vicious gladiator pvp gear. (Includes weapon and shield)

    Item level 352 ret set consist of full blue item lvl 352 pvp gear. (Includes 2h epic vicious pvp axe)

    Total conquest points saved = 2k (enough to buy another epic pvp piece)

    Total honor saved = 900

    Total gold on character = 70g (sold all the gold on the character, but gold is easy to make now. I can average 1k gold an hour. Before I sold my gold I had over 90k)

    Professions: 525 mining and 110 Jewel crafting.

    Has all forms of flying, including the 310% increase.

    All gear is fully enchanted and gemed.

    Currently in a level 15 guild.

    I've had this account since 30 days after release of world of warcraft. There is also a lvl 70 female NE rogue on the account.

    All transfers are available.

    If you are interested, PM your contact information and I will get in touch with you.


    This account is not cheap. She has 7 epics I use for her healing set atm and enough conquest points to buy another item. Also I like to mention, they just increased the price of the 2h weapons. They are now 4600 conquest points instead of 3400, but no need to worry, because I have both epic weapons for both sets.

    With that being said, serious offers only.


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.