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    Selling my Blood Elf Paladin on a US PvP high population server.

    On this paladin is full PvP set for holy, full PvE set for holy and full PvE set for protection. Both PvE sets are ilvl360. Retribution set for PvE is at 350+. Has all bank slots, 51 mounts, a good amount of exalted reputations.
    titles include
    Argent Champion
    Of the Ashen Verdict
    Of the Nightfall
    Twilight Vanquisher

    Red proto drake, Albino drake, Ice mammoth, mounts of most races (nearing exalted with Thunder Bluff), Red/blue/bronze drakes. Black war bear. ECT.

    achievement score is almost 5k

    Has achievements for PvE up to Cho'Gal, Nefarian but no kills.
    Max tailor and max alchemist with stones for each spec. Full enchanted and full gems.

    Basically this toon is ready for anything you need it to do, start raiding heroics- PvP hardcore, arenas, RBG's, anything. All specs are ready to go! Current server is a high population PvP US server (pst zone). On a different server there is a 60warrior 50something mage and 28 hunter. Only alt on his server is a lvl 4 warrior with heirloom shoulders, chest, MH and OH crusader weapons. With this toon you can get max JP in a few hours of randoms a day fast. Comes with around 4k gold on hand.

    Asking price is negotiable, best price I get offered is what I'll take. Buyout for instant transaction would be 400 so just send some offers (keep offers reasonable, considering all expansions, game time, time spent to acquire its items/mounts.)
    Will negotiate money transfer, as of now I will be accepting Money Orders only. No paypal as there is no security for seller.

    No trades, thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.