WTS: US: (H) wts 85 warrior/85 hunter/83dk

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    WTS 85 Tauren Warrior (PVE geared) - Kil'jaeden
    Double Arms spec - PVE/PVP
    392 item level - Destroyer's End title
    Some PVP gear - 2pc Cataclysmic, couple ruth, rest is vicious
    Professions: 525 Jewelcrafting - 370 Mining - 341 Cooking - 450 First Aid
    No special mounts - Blue Drake/Bronze Drake
    Also on account:
    -85 Orc Hunter (PVE geared) - Kil'jaeden
    384 Item Level
    30 Mounts
    Exalted with most starting cities - Bilgewater,Darkspear,Thunderbluff,Undercity
    - 83 DK - Kil'jaeden
    No real BOAs - Leather chest, 2-hander axe and bow
    -71 Night Elf Druid (Khaz Modan)

    >Any addition questions, feel free to PM<
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.