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    Hi I have for sale my wow account Ive had for a while now it has 4 main toons:

    toon 1:ruthless geared Human frost mage with his ruthless fully enchanted/gemmed main pieces and weapons.He has epic flight,525/525 engineering,and is dual specced arcane.This toon is basically the accounts pvp main.If you want to completely dominate anything pvp wise this is the toon to do it with its just stupid OP.he also has a Vicious War Steed.


    toon 2: is a worgen druid this toon is my pve/pvp toon he has epic flight,525/525 herbalism and 525/525 inscriptions.this toon has vicious gear for feral pvp and full epic pve gear.his dual spec is balance,He has a full set of vicious with some ruthless and also comes with a full set of epic pve gear.mostly all items are gemmed and enchanted.basically you have epic pve and pvp gear for all druid specs.so whatever you're into you can do with this toon.


    toon 3: is a bloodelf paladin this toon is also similar to the druid gear wise.he has epic flight,525/525 alchemy and 525/525 herbalism.This toon has full ret vicious gear and a full set of epic pve gear.His off spec is protection he only has a full set of epic tanking gear.Just like my other toons all gear on this toon is almost fully gemmed and enchanted.


    toon 4: is a 75 human priest he's basically a twink right now.He is in full brutal gladiator gear and wrecks the 70 bracket.In case you decide to level this toon he has a full set of boa gear along with my other low level alts.


    all other toons on this account are under level 55 but all have boa gear.

    All toons are located on the pvp realm Stonemaul.I am only accepting Western Union money orders or middleman if you want to pay for it.I do require we speak by phone during the transaction to make sure everything goes smoothly and everyone is satisfied.Price is $150 OBO.If you have any questions please send a PM.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.