WTS: US: [A] WTS 85 Human Priest / 85 NE Rogue

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    85 Human Priest Spec'd Disc / Holy.

    Has gear sets for both pvp and raiding, with ilvl in excess of 350.
    Has over 20,000 gold.
    Maxed out Alchemy and Herbalism (Elixir Master)
    Many Rare titles stemming from BC and onward. (Justicar, Shattered Sun, etc etc)
    Has all levels of mounted riding as well as rare mounts ('08 BoA Blizzcon Polar Bear mount)
    Tons of achievements.

    85 Night Elf Rogue


    Have various other 80+ toons on various servers.

    I am the original owner of the account, the account is expired, and there is an authenticator attached to the account.

    PST with offers and we'll talk further.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.