WTS: US: 6x 85 (Geared) + 200K GOLD + Defender of Shattered World

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    I have 6x 85 paladin priest rogue warlock dk shaman.

    Warlock is defender of shattered world with heroic tier chest piece.
    Meaning I've beaten all of the raids so far 12/12.
    Lock is also full vicious 100%.

    Rogue paladin shaman and dk are pvp geared with 80% vicious but no pve gear.
    Rogue also has Unheaded warning which costs 12k right now on the server.

    Priest is the only 85 with hardly any gear at all.

    The paladin is holy and shaman is resto.

    I also have 200k+ gold and 100k+ gold in mats such as dream cloths/ores/herbs etc.

    All my 85s have 500+ profession for the bonus dmg etc.

    I have a 500+ profession in everything except blacksmith (450+ though) on my warrior.

    My accounts are 100% mine, original owner, will give all 4 cdkeys + driver licence and account screen.

    Msg for more details.

    I am looking for at least $1000k. I have been offered $900 so far from another site.
    The 200k gold is already worth $300. The warlock it worth around 500-600. And the rest of the account to add it up.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.