WTS: Perento Elyos 55 Sorc, 55 Ranger, 55 Chanter (one account)

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  1. Aion

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    Sorc 55 (main char)
    Full Eternal Stromwing set
    Stormwing book fused with 50 gold AP book + general godstone
    Eternal/Gold 55/50 AP Jewelry
    Eternal PvE Jewelry
    Rare EC Pet (cute little dragon)
    Master Cooking
    All AP stigmas


    Ranger 55 (gg twink)
    Full Stormwing set
    55 Gold bow fused with Debilkarim bow
    Eternal PvE Jewelry


    Chanter 55 (gathering/crafting twink)
    Gold Mithril Coin set
    55 gold Vorpal Staff
    AP support stigmas

    Marster Alchemy
    Expert Handicrafting
    aethertapping and essence almost max lvl


    All 3 chars on the same account
    server Perento
    race Elyos
    all 3 are sexy girls

    PM serious offers!
    Start bid at 500 euro.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.