WTS: Multiple 55 Aion Caracters - Verry Verry Good Gear

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  1. Aion

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    i Sell Aion (Multiple Caracters)

    Gladiator LvL 55
    Templar LvL 55
    Chanter LvL 55
    Assasin LvL 55
    Clerci LvL 55

    at 2 of this im Original Owner and 1 Acc i Have Buyed with long time ago .
    i have full details for all + ncsoft email .
    the gears of caracters are awsome and verry verry good geared , also is to much to explain for everyone .
    if some1 is intersted buying a verry good caracter,
    please contact me at [email protected] to talk about price , show you photo with gear , kinah .
    price will be negociable ofcourse .
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.