WTS: Level 60 Male Dark Elf Cleric on Vulak''Aerr

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    This Auction is for a lv 60 max experience Dark Elf Cleric on the Vulak server. This character has only a sparse amount of gear-- I would estimate around 10kpp in value total.
    Over the summer I leveled up a few characters on Vulak in my spare time. These accounts were registered using game cards and brand new House of Thule game keys.
    This means that the accounts have no original owner attached to them yet. When the buyer enters in their billing info to renew the subscription, they will in effect become the original owner of the account in SOE's eyes.

    These accounts have all current expansions enabled, and virtually no reputation on the server.
    Any questions please feel free to contact me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.