WTS: Basic Miner Acocunts

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    Want to Sell Basic Mining accounts.
    All accounts have:

    +4 Perception : Ocular Filter - Standard
    +4 Memory : Memory Augmentation - Standard
    +4 Willpower : Neural Boost - Standard
    +4 Intelligence : Cybernetic Subprocessor - Standard
    +4 Charisma : Social Adaptation Chip - Standard

    SKILLS - around 2.5Mil SP
    Drones L3
    Scout Drone Operation L2
    Industry L5
    Mining L4
    Ice Harvesting L5
    Astrogeology L5
    Cybernetics L4
    Science L4
    Exhumers L3
    Mining Barge L5
    Spaceship Command L4

    Can Pilot Mackinaw or Hulk
    Can Fit & Use:
    - Ice Harvester II
    - Miner II
    - Strip Miner I
    - Medium CargoHold Optimization I
    - Expanded Cargohold II

    Accounts are Expired or a few days from expiring but can be activated with Hours for PLEX (I can do this for you if required)

    I will have new accounts available.

    Cost is $45 per account, all are currently expired but will be activated for 30 days when purchased.

    Payment via Verified Paypal only (I am Verified)
    Payment only accepted as a Gift on Paypal (other payments will be refunded)

    Contact Details
    Skype: Kav1902eve (prefered contact method)
    MSN: [email protected]
    PM or email is fine too if that's easier for you.

    I'm almost always online evenings from 18:00 Eve time but I am on at other times as well.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.