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    Title says it all! This isn't trolling! Where do I begin!? Please PM me to discuss!

    Israphel ~ Elyos

    +10 Bakarma Spear Combined With 50e PvP Spear w/ Silence Godstone!
    -Extendable for PvP! In my opinion, and most peoples, the best PvP Weapon Currently Available!

    Full 50e PvP Armor! (+10 Body, +8 Pants, +2 Gloves, +2 Boots, +2 Pauldrons)
    -Socketed in mostly gold manastones!

    Full 50 PvP Accessories!
    125+ Plat Medals! 150k AP Already (Rank 2), Nearly 400k In Warehouse!
    -Get the L55 PvP Accessories of your choice, or save up for a GBG Weapon!

    Full Miragent Set w/ Full Slotted Attack +5 For PvE'ers!
    Miragent Greatsword Combined with 50 PvP non-elite Greatsword w/ Paralyze Godstone!

    +10 Dragon Diety Sword w/ +3 Eternal Flarestorm's Dagger for Dual-Wield PvE!

    Miragent Holy Templar and Black Cloud Titles.

    Access to General Godstone of your choice! Quest complete, just choose your reward!

    Nearly 20k Lifetime Kills!

    Master Cooking! Including gold melee food recipie AND PERER JELLY!
    -Also Expert Weaponsmithing I believe, that part I'm not 100% about, its pretty high though.

    -Account also includes a 55 Assassin on same server and race. Under-geared. Mostly Udas Temple Golds. First 2 pieces of Miragents. Most stigmas except Quickening Doom.

    -Never been warned or banned! I have never bought Kinah or used a 3rd party program.

    -Not a ton of kinah on toon, gave most to my wife. Random consumables and items will be on it though.

    I'm the original owner, and have pictures to prove my State ID matches the account information NCSoft has on file! Stopped playing because I gonna play that new MMO called Life.

    I'm pretty sure I have a good reputation among all top PvP guilds on server. Character has an available plastic surgery ticket in inventory!

    I'm not putting a set price on here because I'm not sure what people are willing to pay. PM Away!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.