WTS: All my isk, assets and chars

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    I want this to be done as discrete and private as possible, both for your sake and my friends sake (who receives lots of assistance from me in game and by proxy, would likely get banned and i'd feel like love you).

    It's no surprise to hear that CCP has been less than stellar lately on their PR work, and with Guild Wars 2 coming, i'm playing eve less and less and less. Anyone from the old publicdemands forums has likely seen me around posting, before the DD fiasco.

    I have for sale... about 60 billion in liquid at this time. I'll liquidate more assets and likely get to 80+b - pricing as of now is $25 per 1b, yes ive seen cheaper but i've NEVER been petitioned on the accounts that have the isk, we'll be meeting in stations in JITA, doing mock trades and private contracts for items. As secure as possible and not sold to 100+ people, flagging accounts. Even my IP on these forums, vs logged into EVE will differ.

    Also for sale:
    my main -

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    - all subcap practically trained, no this is not your super alt...
    my 1 alt -

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    - jumpfreigther, jump cal V, good trade skills, Tengu pilot, can fly rorqual and give leadership bonuses for all links
    my 2 alt -

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    - was going to be my blackops bridger, has plenty of good skills
    my 3 alt -

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    - one word, MEGATHRON! perfect for killing pirate camps solo or being a bait domi.
    my 4 alt -

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    - mainly a freighter / trade alt. can fly good hulks and viator
    5,6,7,8 -

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    - identical down to within 50 sp. MAX hulk, great ishtar plex runners, used them to 4x afk RR ishtars level 4's while at work. They can definitely make money (made me over 100b easy).

    (all chars are clean, no kill rights, good sec status, most can run lvl 4's of various races, most have jump clones w/ faction implants. None of the accounts these chars are on have GM flags or infractions, most of these accounts also have a cyno alt in secondary char slots - all accounts/chars were treated with the utmost love for EVE and the assumption i'd be playing until the game died... but plans change.)

    I am happy to speak with people privately through voice comms (i have a vent server). I do not really have any instant messengers and would feel better vocally communicating anyways. All personal info will be altered before sales.

    We will work with PAYPAL only, and all payments sent as GIFT (zero fees and cannot be undone afterwards or disputed) this is to cover my love you not giving away my love you and someone scewing me. I am paypal verified and i'd ike to see verified status. Once the agreed upon money is confirmed in my paypal (both of us verified accounts), i will then reset account password and email to something generic, and provide said login info to you.

    PM me on the forums for vent details, I am available 6pm-2am Eastern timezone (GMT -5) and sometimes during work hours (11am-5pm) if we arrange something.
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