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    Name: Snizz
    Race: Tarutaru, Face 2, Hair A.
    Server: Ragnarok
    Gil: 2mil

    Comabt Skills: Most of my combat Skills Are capped or close to cap, i stopped playing after the level update from 90-95 so it shouldn't be far from cap.
    Magic Skills: Most of my Magic Skills Are capped or close to cap aswell, except enhancing.

    I have basically every spell in the game, id say about 85-90% out of a 100.


    Merits: 1119

    Black Mage Nuking Gear: Varuna's Staff +3, Wizzan Grip, Witchstone, Goetia petasos +2, Saevus pendant, Moldavite Earring, Hecate's Earring, Goetia Coat +2, Goetia Gloves +2, Strendu Ring, Diamond Ring (augmented +2 INT), Searing Cape, Oneiros Sash, Goetia Chausses +2, Goetia Sabots +2.
    Black Mage Enfeebling Gear: Pluto's Staff, Auster's Staff, or Aquilo's Staff, Terra's Staff (for sleep, gravity, bind and break) Igqira Tiara, Wizard's Coat, Oracle's Coat, Portent Pants, Avocat Pigaches.
    Black Mage Dark Gear: Oracle's Robe, Sorcerer's Gloves, Portent Pants, Goetia Sabots +2.
    Black Mage Resting Gear: Pluto's Staff, Clarus Stone, Goliard Chapeau, Grandoise Chain, Antivenom Earring, Warlock's Earring, Oracle's Robe, Oracle's Gloves, Austerity Belt, Sagacity Lappas, Avocat Pigaches.
    Black Mage Stoneskin: Kirin's Pole, Siegal Sash, Augur's Jaseran, Goliard Chapeau.

    Monk Haste/TP Gear: Verethragna(85), Thew Bomblet, Brutal Earring, Merman's Earring, Faith Torque, Ganesha's Mask, Tantra Cyclas +2, Tantra Gloves +2, Epona's Ring, Rajas Ring, Tantra Gaiters +2, Tantra Hose +2, Black Belt, Atheling Mantle.
    Monk WS Gear: Tantra Tathlum, (Shura Zunari Kabuto +1 augmented: Attack +7, weapon skill damage +3%, skillchain damage +3%, best augment possible for this headpiece) Thunder Gorget, Kemas Earring, Heafoc Mitts, (Shura Haidate +1 augmented: Rng. Acc +5 Store. TP +3, Dual Wield +5, no luck on Str but have tatter for more tires.)Also have Melee Gaiter's for Counter Tanking.

    Thief Haste/TP Gear: Twilight Knife/Triplus Dagger, Raider's Boomerang, Raider's Bonnet +2, Agasaya's Collar, Suppanomimi, Brutal's Earring, Raider's Vest +2,Raider's Armlet's +2,Epona's Ring, Rajas Ring, Atheling Mantle, Twilight Belt, Ballerines.(Magoraga bead Necklace for Utsusemi)
    Thief WS Gear: Aias Bonnet, Spike Necklace, Loki's Kaftan, Warwolf Belt, Hecatomb Leggings.
    Thief Treasure Hunter:Thief's Knife, Assassin's Armlets, Raider's Poulaines +2.
    Thief Evasion Set: Kila+2(evasion build) Ungur's Boomerang, Empress Hairpin, Aurore Doublet, Raider's Poulaines +2, (Spry Tights augmented with +12 evasion)

    Paladin Haste/TP Gear: Honorbound, Seigneur Shield, Killer Shortbow, Zelus Tiara, Creed Collar, Suppanomimi, Brutal's Earring, Creed Cuirass +2, Creed Gauntlets +2, Epona's Ring, Rajas Ring, Atheling Mantle, Goading Belt, Creed Cuisses +2, Creed Sabatons +2.
    Paladin WS Gear:Twilight Helm, Twilight Mail.
    Paladin Physical Damage Taken Gear: Twilight Torque, Jelly Ring, (Dark ring augmented PDT -6), Creed Cuisses +2, Flume Belt, Metallon Mantle.
    Paladin Magic Damage Taken/Magic Defence Bonus Gear: Demonry Stone, Twilight Torque, Merman's Earring x2, Mebd's Gauntlets, Affronter Cuisses, Creed Baudrier.(Have blood Cuisses aswell).

    Dancer Haste/TP Gear: Phurba, Auric Dagger, Chair Feather, Charis Tiara +1, Charis Necklace, Brutal Earring, Suppanomimi, Charis Casaque +2, Ocelot Gloves, Rajas Ring, Epona's Ring, Atheling Mantle, Twilight Belt, Charis Tights +2, Charis Toeshoes +2.
    Dancer WS Gear: Basically Same Gear as Thief.

    Ninja Haste/TP Gear: Sekka +2 (evasion build) Kamome, Qirmiz Tathlum, Iga zukin +2, Agasaya Collar, Brutal Earring, Suppanomimi, Ninja Chainmail, Ocelot Gloves, Epona's Ring, Rajas Ring, Atheling Mantle, Twilight Belt, Iga Hakama +2, Aurore Gaiters.
    Ninja WS Gear: Aias Bonnet, Loki's Kaftan, Iga Tekko +2, Byakko's Haidate.

    Warrior Haste/TP Gear: Widowmaker, Pole Grip, Ravager's Orb, Zelus Tiara, Ravager's Gorget, Ravager's Earring, Brutal's Earring, Ravager's Lorica +2, Ravager's Mufflers +2, Hoard Ring, Rajas Ring, Atheling Mantle, Goading Belt, Ravager's Cuisses +2, Ravager's Calligae +2.
    Warrior WS Gear: Twilight Helm, Twilight Mail,Hecatomb Leggings, Ruby Ring.

    White Mage Cure Gear: Apollo's Staff, Bugard Leather Strap +1, Incantro stone, Orison cap +2, Orison Locket, Orison Earring, Loquacious Earring, (Facio Bliaut, augmented with cure potency +12), Augur's Gloves, Solemn Ring, Sirona's Ring, Orison Cape, Cognizant Belt, Orison pantaloons +2, Teal Pigaches.
    White Mage Rest Gear: Same As Black Mage Rest Gear.

    Beastmaster Gear: Has Decent Gear to Farm Dynamis Solo which is how i made most of my gil.Also have a Duelist's Chapeau.

    Blue Mage Gear: Not the Best because i wasn't really into it, 3/5 AF3+2.

    Starting Big @600
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