US WTS *Gandiva(85)* Mithra, 5/5 Sylvan+2, Bellona's, Lv.90 RNG+NIN, 90 Fishing

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    Account Info
    Mithra Model 8B
    Server Transfer READY

    I am not the original owner and do not have the original registration info; however, I have owned this account for years and have had 0 issues. The account is linked to its own Square Enix ID, which was done by me, and the security token has been deactivated.

    San d'Oria: Rank 10
    Windurst: The Jester Who'd Be King (8-2)
    Rise of the Zilart: Complete
    Chains of Promathia: Complete
    ToAU: Guests of the Empire (17)
    Assault: Superior Private
    WoTG: Cait Sith
    Crystal War: A Manifest Problem
    A Crystalline Prophecy: Finished
    A Moogle Kupo d'Etat: Finished
    A Shantotto Ascension: A Shantotto Ascension
    Abyssea: Shinryu Access
    Nyzul Isle: Floor 5
    Dynamis Access: ALL

    90 RNG
    90 NIN
    67 BST
    60 SAM
    50 WAR
    50 DNC
    32 WHM
    30 THF
    25 BLM
    9 MNK
    9 DRK
    9 SMN
    8 RDM

    The account also has a Lv.69 PLD mule with nothing notable aside from full AF1.

    9/12 HP
    4/8 STR
    4/8 DEX
    3/8 Katana
    8/8 Archery
    8/8 Marksmanship
    4/4 Evasion
    8/8 Ninjutsu
    5/5 Enmity Decrease
    5/5 Critical Hit Rate
    5/5 Sharpshot Recast
    5/5 Rapid Shot Rate
    4/5 Stealth Shot
    1/5 Flashy Shot
    5/5 Snapshot
    5/5 Subtle Blow Effect
    5/5 Ninja Tool Expertise
    1/5 Hyoton: San

    Combat Skills
    Hand-to-Hand 37
    Dagger 260
    Sword 210
    Great Sword 77
    Axe 243
    Great Axe 36
    Katana 360
    Great Katana 117
    Club 255
    Staff 54
    Archery 377
    Marksmanship 359
    Throwing 221
    Evasion 362
    Shield 74
    Parrying 151
    Ninjutsu 321

    Fishing 90
    Woodworking 71
    Alchemy 30

    ATMAS: Stout Arm, Eternity, Heavens, Voracious Violet, Vicissitude, Thrashing Tendrils, Drifter, Dunes, Cosmos, Siren Shadow, Calamity, Baleful Bones, Clawed Butterfly, Impregnable Tower, Demonic Skewer, Gnarled Horn, Mounted Champion, Razed Ruins, Sanguine, Tusked Terror, Minikin Monstrosity, Would-Be King, Demonic Lash, Apparitions, Murky Miasma, Merciless Matriarch, Brother Wolf, Earth Wyrm, Ascending One, Scorpion Queen, Thousand Needles, Burning Effigy, Smiting Blow, Lone Wolf, Crimson Scale, Scarlet Wing, Sand Emperor, Plaguebringer, Purgatory, Persistent Predator, Stone God, Despot, Solitary One, Sea Daughter, Hateful Stream, Sundering Slash, Entwined Serpents, Aquatic Ardor, Apocalypse, Heir, Illusions, banisher, Echos, Dread, Beast King, Kirin, Dragon Rider, Impenetrable, Alpha and Omega, Ultimate, Hybrid Beast, Rescuer

    ABYSSITES: Ivory/Scarlet/Sapphire/Indigo/Emerald of Sojourn, Azure/Crimson/Ivory of Celerity, Veridian/Ivory of Avarice, Ivory/Crimson of Confluence, Ivory/Jade of Expertise, Ivory/Emerald of Fortune, Ivory of Prosperity, Viridian/Crimson/Ivory of Destiny, Ivory/Crimson/Emerald of Acumen, Scarlet/Azure/Sapphire of Lenity, Scarlet/Ivory of Perspicacity, Azure/Ivory of the Reaper, Ivory of Guerdon, Sapphire/Ivory of Furtherance, Viridian/Jade/Ivory/Indigo of Merit, Lunar x3, Discernemt, Cosmos

    Over 558 Traverser Stones
    467,270 Cruor

    Various Abyssea pop KIs including 1 full Bukhis pop and a Dragua Pop

    Over 1.2M gil on hand with more in sellables

    This is a top of the line RNG with solid TP and WS gear that will not disappoint.

    I will open the bid at $250. Middle Man Service will be at buyer's expense and I prefer to use PayPal.

    Thank you for looking! If you have any questions feel free to PM me
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Not open for further replies.