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    A quick rundown of the account I am the OO I have all reg codes if anyone is interested I can take SS's of said items or account. It is currently active and can meet in game also for proof. Any pm's or posts asking to talk over msn or aim or anything like that will be ignored. I sold a mule account on this site about 5months ago didn't really know the ins and outs and got scammed over paypal so all conversions will be done through pm's on egs thx. Looking to just hear some offers I got a price in mind. Also if I missed anything that you guys would like to know say something and Ill try my best to present it.
    Sorry about spelling I was in a hurry this morning haha.

    Nation: Bastok Rank 10
    Male elvaan
    Brd 90
    sam 90
    nin 82
    pld 80
    Drg 75
    Whm 49
    War 44
    Drk 37
    Dnc 24
    Mnk 18
    Blm 18
    Rng 16
    thf 10
    rdm 10

    Hp/MP 8/8
    Attributes 5/5 STR
    Combat skills GK 8/8 Katana 5/8 EVA 4/4
    Others 4/4 enmity 4/4 crit hit rate
    BRD 5/5 Lullaby Recast 5/5 Minuest Effect Nightingale 1 Troubadour 1
    SAM 5/5 Stp 5/5 Meditate 5/5 Overwhelm 1shikikoyo
    DRG 3/5 Jump 3/5 High jump 1 angon

    Floor 100 runic disk
    Zilart - The celestial Nexus (got sky access)
    CoP - Dawn (Got sea access)
    ToaU- Eternal Mercenary (compleated)
    Wotg - Cait sith
    ACP - Comlpeated
    Shantotto Ascension - Sugar-coated Directive
    Abys main missions completed and beat shinyru so I got atma for 200k brew
    Main atmas
    Atma of Allure
    Atma of the Voracious Violet
    Atma of the Deep devourer
    Atma of the razed ruins
    Atma of the Sanguine
    Atma of the minikin Monstrosity
    Atma of the apocalypse
    Atma of the Rescuer
    Got plently more atmas
    and abyssites

    Transverse stones = 230

    Gil on hand 1.5mil
    Dweomer Knife x4
    pyf Harp
    Aoidos' Calot
    Mederi Talar
    Errant hpl
    Aoidos' Cothurnes
    Choral Slippers
    Stealth Earring
    Imperial standard
    Bastokan flag
    Festival Dolls
    Adamantoise Statue
    Antlion trap - key item for Rpumps pop nm
    Mercenary's Knife
    bronze dagger
    radiant Lance
    Behourd Lance
    Bibiki Seashell
    wyrm armet
    drachen armet
    Valor surcoat
    wyrm mail
    Aurum cuisses
    Drachen brias
    Estoqueur's houseaux
    Sylvan bottillons
    Amir boots
    gallant leggings
    parade gorget
    Beastmen seals 75
    Kendred's seals 25
    Anct beastcoin 9
    Brown doeskin
    Kindred crest 42
    H kindred crest 17
    Aoidos' seal: head 7/8
    Aoid seal body 1
    sylvan seal body 1
    sylvan seal leg 4
    iga seal leg 2
    unkai seal feet 4/8
    iga seal ft 1
    Brave blade
    sasuke katana
    siege bow
    Verthandi's gem
    nokizaru shuriken
    optical hat
    Unkai domaru
    Assault jerkin
    ninja chain mail
    scorp harness
    denali wrist bands
    koga tekko
    ninja hakama
    iga kyahan
    ninja kyahan
    libeccio mantle
    terebellum mantle
    mermaid ring
    ungur boomerang
    acubens helm
    mirke wardecors fastcast +5 enmity +5
    koga chainmail
    byakko's haidate
    fuma sune-ate
    Bison steak +4
    carbonara +6
    toolbag sairui-ran x9
    erebus's lance
    Ame-no-ohabari Latent effect tachi kaiten
    radennotachi trial 651
    Soboro sukehiro
    pole grip
    unkai kabuto +1
    Varangian helm
    shunten hachimaki
    genbus kabuto
    gavial mask
    myochin kabuto
    perle hauberk
    askar korazin
    hydra mail
    Arhat gi +1
    Heafoc mitts
    Seiryu's kote
    Saotome kote
    Gavial fng gnt
    dusk gloves
    hachiman kote
    O kotes
    unkai haidate +2
    shura haidate
    saotome haidate
    Hydra cuisses
    coral cuisses
    Ace's sabatons
    Perle soleretes
    Askar gambieras
    Unkai nodowa
    snow gorget
    Creed baudrier
    swift belt
    amantle +1
    brutal earring
    aesir ear pendant
    colossus's earring
    fowling earring
    Coral earing
    coral earring
    Adler ring
    ruby ring
    Merman's ring x2
    jelly ring
    Ulthalam's ring
    rajas ring
    iron plate x3
    Terra's staff
    Apollo's Staff
    Dark staff
    Crooner's cithara
    angel lyre
    cradle horn
    crumhorn +1
    Angel flute +1
    horn +1
    faerie piccolo
    traversiere +1
    piccolo +1
    cornette +1
    Earth grip
    Light grip
    Teal chapeua
    demon helm
    augur's jaseran
    teal saio
    minstrel's coat
    vermillion cloak
    Serpentes cuffs
    Teal cuffs
    Choral cuffs
    Aoidos' rhingrave +1
    Teal slops
    bards cannions
    Teal pigaches
    oracle's pigaches
    Aoidos' matinee
    jeweled collar
    Wind torque
    stone gorget
    Aoidos' belt
    aristo belt
    Marching belt
    Cheviot cape
    jester's cape +1
    Skald breloque
    musical earring
    nereid ring
    nereid ring
    Walahra turban
    loq earring
    Alexander statue
    Fafnir statue
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