US WTS: 90 BLU Starter/Casual - Gil + Sellables + Merits!

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    Hey guys. I stopped playing a while back but I still have a nice little casual account that I've been sitting on which would be great for anyone who's looking to get back into the game with a fresh start, or looking to pick FFXI up for the first time. It won't look like much at first glance, and truthfully, it isn't, but for a starter account or for someone who's looking for a good alt to change the pace up with, it's actually a really decent little account. I never achieved too much on this character (so there's still plenty for you to do!) but the account has some decent merits and a pretty good beginner Blue Mage for anyone looking to play that job (best job in the game, IMO).

    With the holidays approaching, I just thought of this account a few days ago and figured it might land me a little extra pocket change. I have no idea what accounts or going for these days, so PM me an offer and I'll get back to you. I only accept paypal and, although I haven't posted on EGS in a while, you can see from my feedback that I've done my share of good deals here in the past. I'm not the OO but I have had this account for probably close to three years at this point so it is very secure.

    Race: Elvaan Male (Face 2a, if I'm not mistaken)
    Server: Phoenix
    Transfer: Ready
    Rank: 6
    Nation: San d?Oria
    Jobs: 90 BLU, 71 THF, 67 WAR, 48 NIN, 20 PLD

    Merits (52 total): Max MP +12/12, STR +5, DEX +2, Sword Skill + 6, Blue Magic Skill +8/8, Spell Interruption Rate +3, Critical Hit +1, BLU Physical Potency +5/5, BLU Magical Accuracy +1, BLU Assimilation +5/5

    Gil on Hand: ~1.5M + At least 1M in sellables!

    Runic Anelace
    Firmament (Augmented)
    Thief's Knife
    Zamburak +1
    Phantom Tathlum
    Guisarme (Augmented)

    Sellable Armor (of note):
    Aurore Beret
    Vermillon Cloak
    Aurore Gloves
    Aurore Brais
    Aurore Gaiters
    Magna M. Gauntlets
    Magna M. Chausses
    Magna M. Ledelsens
    Chivalrous Chain
    Headlong Belt
    Cuchulain's Mantle
    Bloodgem Earring
    Graiai Earring
    Spiral Ring
    Dark Ring (Augmented Phys. Dmg. -2%)

    Rare/Ex Armor (of note):
    4/5 BLU AF (never did the fight for the head; might solo it while this is for sale)
    5/5 THF AF
    Mavi Kavuk
    Mavi Mintan
    Mavi Bazubands
    Bounding Boots
    Empress Hairpin
    Virtuoso Belt
    Intruder Earring
    Moldavite Earring
    Magus Torque (Augmented MP+10 Mag. Acc. +1%)
    Also: Atma of the Gales & Atma of the Noxious Fang

    Ninja Tools (13 Shihei Toolbag)
    Assorted Abyssea Seals
    Assorted Abyssea Drops
    Assorted Sellable Lowbie Armor
    Assorted Furniture
    Assorted Assortments of Assorted things
    Basically, there's a bunch of other random little things in storage such as ammo, beast/kindred seals/crests, etc.

    Altogether with over 2.5M gil in cash/sellables, some decent merits and a safe secure account with the transfer available, I'm hoping to get some fair offers and put some extra money in my pocket for the holidays. It's not the most accomplished account and it's certainly not loaded with goodies, but it is a nice, solid account that is a LOT of fun to play (BLU is, by far, the most fun I ever had playing FFXI). Make me an offer or post any questions you may have.

    Edit: Forgot the Blue spell list is pretty relevant. Here's what I had learned on this account so far:

    Death Scissors
    Dimensional Death
    Sickle Slash
    Heat Breath
    Eyes On Me
    Magic Fruit
    Zephyr Mantle
    Metallic Body
    Hecatomb Wave
    Mysterious Light
    Auroral Drape
    Vanity Drive
    Magnetite Cloud
    Claw Cyclone
    Ram Charge
    Death Ray
    Chaotic Eye
    Sound Blast
    Terror Touch
    Bomb Toss
    Bad Breath
    Delta Thrust
    Smite of Rage
    Jet Stream
    MP Drainkiss
    Poison Breath
    Cursed Sphere
    Blood Saber
    Battle Dance
    Healing Breze
    Power Attack
    Feather Tickle
    Blood Drain
    Sprout Smack
    Foot Kick
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