Selling     Top 100 High End Account Almost all ML5s, All collabs, Best gear, 11.7K Skystone,

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    This account has finished top 100 Arena Ambition season. It plays up to Legend in Arena and up to Emperor in RTA if you feel like doing PvP. It is currently hovering AFK in champion because I don't play.

    The account has almost all ML5s (missing Solitaria, DJB, Op Sig and Lionheart). It has all the meta units to play PvP competitively at a high level. You can view the pictures for a display of how most units on the account are built. Most meta units are SSS imprinted with maxed out stats. The account has a large +15 roster, feel free to request pictures of certain units if it's not located within the image gallery below.

    The account currently has 12,277 Skystones, 235 molagoras, 9062 mystic medals, 113 bookmarks and all the enhancement materials you will ever need (see pics for further detail)

    Pets are optimized at SSS skills

    I sold my previous summoner's war account due to burnout and now I am selling my Epic 7 account for the same reason.

    I will personally make sure the account is yours upon purchase, please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

    Pictures of account

    Price : €220

    Add me in discord if interested
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