Selling  1-24 Hours Summoners War Pilot Service for HIRE + FREE TOA

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  1. Rolan

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    MOD, Platinum Seller & offers Broker/Pilot Service
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    FAQs and Service Terms

    What do you mean by Pilot Service and why do i need this kind of service?
    - To put it simply, i'll play your account in your stead and do anything PVE-wise that you're not able to do due to your busy schedule.

    1. Any Cairos instance/s of your choosing
    2. Any RoW instance/s of your choosing

    TAKE NOTE: Please make sure you have enough Energy Stocks/Crystals for Energy Refills if needed.

    How can i TRUST you with my account?

    - As you can see i have 100% Clean Feedback, Verified, a Platinum Seller and a Community Moderator here. In short, I'm just gonna do the services that you hired me for and then log-off your account as soon as its done.

    What are the rates for the services and the accepted payment methods?
    - Rate for Cairos / RoW is 1HR = 1USD
    - MINIMUM of 1HR and MAXIMUM of 8HRS
    - PAYPAL or REMITLY (whichever would be convenient for you fee-wise)

    FREEBIE: Hiring my service for at least 5 HRS, i will also do your TOA NORMAL/HARD and ARENA WINGS.
    Please do note that the freebies will also end as soon as the pilot service ends, so i may or may NOT be able to reach the current floor that you're able to clear in time.

    Where should i inquire if i want to hire your service?

    - You can contact me here in CLICK ME

    Please do note that I will ONLY ask you to release your account info here at via the Private Conversation that i'll be creating specifically for the current session. All communications regarding transactions will be finalized ONLY here at


    The account information that i'll be asking from the clients are the following:
    - Username
    - Password
    - Secondary Password (IF ENABLED)

    Still have unanswered questions? PM ME!
    - Feel free to contact me here in CLICK ME.

    Lastly, I would highly encourage you to get in touch with me here in first # going through any transactions just to be safe and you're certain that it's me who you are transacting with and not some SCAMMERS/IMPOSTORS. Thank you!

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