Sold [Offer] NA accounts store: 150+ various starters. LF: Steam gift / Crypto.

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • For any additional questions - dm or Discord: structur;

    • I will explain how to pay with crypto if you don't know how;

    • No PP; No trades;

    • Digital Steam Gift Cards;

      3 steps to purchase an account with steam gift:
      • You buy steam gift using your PP.
      • You write me code from gift card.
      • I give you transfer code and password. Thats all, nothing difficult.

    • Bitcoin/Etherium/USDT.

    • Qiwi; Webmoney for CIS;

    • CS:GO / DOTA2 Skins;

    Old references(8 years selling history) : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    Accounts showcase:

    Account 1

    starter 019,618,841 Castoria+Merlin+Muramasa+Gilgamesh+Jalter(avenger)+Summer BB+Karna+Xiang Yu+Arjuna Alter+Nightingale+good CE+78mln QP+400exp cards+ascension materials+free SSR ticket+140SQ;

    Account 2

    starter 557,341,453 Castoria+Merlin+Gilgamesh+Muramasa+Space Ishtar+Ganesha+Osacabe-hime+Waver+Xuanzang+Summer Kama+45mln QP+500exp cards+ascension materials+free SSR ticket+90 SQ;

    Account 3

    starter 363,591,759 Castoria+Muramasa+Space Ishtar+Hokusai+Saber og+Waver+Achilles+Artemis+Summer Kiara+Da Vinci Rider+45mln QP+450exp cards+ascension materials+free SSR ticket+73 SQ;

    Account 4

    starter 189,523,531 Castoria+Muramasa+Space Ishtar+Waver+Xian Yu+Summer Kiara+Da Vinci Rider+Fae Lancelot+Anastasia+Summer Kama+72mln QP+500exp cards+ascension materials+free SSR ticket+72 SQ;

    . /u/structura
    [link] .
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