Sold [NA EAST] Inferno/Hell Vykas Boosting/Bus Services

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    From the same service that sells Inferno/Hell Valtan Services, we are pleased to announce that we are currently taking pre-orders on Inferno/Hell Vykas Services!

    Selling Inferno/Hell Vykas Boosting/Bus Services for NA East Server:

    For the following Services:

    [Covetous Slayer Title] (Clearing Hell/Inferno Vykas)

    We are offering to clear for you to obtain the title [Covetous Slayer]!

    [Addicted to Delight Title] (Clearing Hell/Inferno Vykas with nobody dying on all three Gates)
    This is the more prestigious title with a special Rose icon next to the title.

    We are offering to clear for you to obtain the title [Addicted to Delight]!

    For an hourly fee, someone will coach you through the process of Hell/Inferno Vykas.

    Q: The raid hasn't even come out yet, why are you selling this service?
    A: We are currently doing pre-orders of the service ahead of time to avoid overscheduling of our current Inferno/Hell busses and keep it organized!

    Q: Can you even complete the raid if you haven't done it yet?
    A: We currently are testing avenues of services/strats using the RU server was a baseline. We will not sell the service until we are confident in our service!

    Q: What are your prices for your services?
    A: N/A at the moment.

    Q: Do you take RMT gold for payment?
    A: Yes/No: The only RMT gold we take for payment is handfarmed gold from a seller who can verify it. Should you try to send gold, we require receipts/proof the gold is clean.

    PM for details/questions or add UnskilledPleb#3072 on Discord.
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