Middleman - An Offer Has Been Made For Your Listing What is it exactly

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    If you are reading this then you must have received an offer inside your Inbox/Conversation page. I made this simple guide to help new sellers understand what the Middleman Offer feature is for.

    #1 Middleman Offer is available in each and every thread. Refer to the image below.

    #2 When buyer makes an offer using the feature, it will send an inbox notification to the seller about the offer that has been made for their item with this title "Middleman - An Offer Has Been Made For Your Listing"

    #3 There will be an option for sellers to whether accept it or not "Yes" or "No", if the seller accepts it will automatically generate a Middleman Checkout Link like this https://www.playerup.com/middleman/?page_id=5&form=cart&p_key=10598326_37667 where the buyer can process their payment otherwise it will just simply say you have rejected their offer.

    F . A . Q . S .

    #1 Is this the actual transaction where i need to give my account information to the buyer?
    - NO. The actual transaction will begin as soon as @Middleman finish verifying and securing the buyer's payment. Please refer to the guide below on how to use Middleman Service for your sales/purchases.

    [Simple Guide] Playerup Middleman Service - New Members Read This! - UPDATED | PlayerUp Accounts Marketplace. Player 2 Player Secure Platform.

    #2 How do i add this feature in my thread/sales?
    - This feature is available for every thread automatically.

    #3 Why does it say the 'Middleman' has made an offer for my item on its title, did @Middleman made this offer?
    - NO. It just indicates that the buyer has made an offer using the Middleman Offer feature. The name of the buyer is going to be shown through the ticket's content.

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