Character info Rank 10 San d'oria Can come with gil Hume female 2 a (blond ponytail) Transfer is UP

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    Character info
    Rank 10 San d'oria
    Can come with gil
    Hume female 2 a (blond ponytail)

    Transfer is UP
    POL keys are not available, but purchased from highly respected Kendrah1
    Linked to a SE ID and token! Willing to send token

    All Expansions purchased. Sea and Sky
    All the Abyssea expansions are purchased.
    Does not have Moogle, Shantotto and crystal expansion(but i've never needed them)

    90 - WHM BLM
    83 - SMN
    75 - BRD NIN RDM COR
    Lots of merits! and 20 to spend after purchase

    Vermeil Bhuj
    Dryad Staff
    Bahamuts staff

    Noesis helm
    Orison's cap+1
    Brisk Mask
    Commodore Tricorne
    Summoner's Horn
    Marduk's tiara

    Etoile Casaque
    Commodore's Frac
    Aristocrat's coat
    Cleric's Brialt
    Summoner's doublet
    Yinyang rope
    Culinarian's apron

    Marduk's Dastanas
    Duelist's Gloves
    Nashira's gages
    Cleric's gloves
    Summoner's bracers

    Marduk's Shalwar
    Nashira's seraweels
    Cleric's Pantaloons
    Sorcerer's tonban
    Summoner's spats
    Commodores culottes

    Duelists boots
    Commodore's bottes
    Oracle's pigaches
    Rostrum pumps
    Aoidos' cothurnes
    SMN pigaches+1
    Koga Kyahan
    Clerics duckbills
    Corsairs bottes+1
    Nashira crackows
    Zenith pumps

    Enfeebling torque
    Anrin Obi
    Hyorin obi
    Rairin obi
    Ixion cape
    Errant cape
    Astute cape

    Ear/ringLoq. earring
    Musical earring
    Moldative earring
    Evoker's ring
    Magnetic earring
    Loq earring
    Hecate's earring
    Orison earring
    Tamas ring
    Serket ring

    Gil Items: Has a few gil items, maybe you can get a total of 300-500k out of it all.
    Remember you can purchase 1m gil for 1m/20usd.

    Concerning AFv2. this character has not started the seal/gem/jewel/stone hunt. So that leaves it a lot of work. Even though it may seem outdated, a lot of the gear can now be augmented! Also this is a great PL, with WHM filled with almost every spell.

    This character also has:
    97+1 cooking! with all the key items you will need for things like SUSHI.

    Min bid: 350
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.