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    Inventory 50 / Mog Sack 50 / Mog Locker 30
    Server Transfer Is Up
    Has All tele gates / kazham pass
    Signal NPC 50
    205 Crysta
    Merits Capped
    Max Mp 12/12
    INT 8/8
    Dagger Skill 8/8
    Sword Skill 8/8
    Parrying 4/4
    Evasion 4/4
    Enhancing Magic Skill 8/8
    Enfeebling Magic Skill 8/8
    Elemental Magic Skill 8/8
    Critical Hit rate 5/5
    Spell Interruption 5/5
    Rdm) Convert Recast/ Slow II/ Paralye II/ Lighting Magic Accuracy 5/5

    Whm) Cure Cast Time / Regen Effect / Devotion 5/5
    Uncapped Merits - Protectra V 4 / 5, Shellra V 1/5

    Has all expansions expect for ASA & Moggle Kupo Etat
    Enhancing Magic 366 Healing Magic 361 Enfeebling Magic 329
    Dark Magic 229 Elemental Magic 271 Divine 111
    Parrying 110 Evasion 276 Sword 243
    Any skill not mention is below 100

    Nation Rank - 8 Sandoria
    ZM/COP - Completed
    Wing of goddess - Cait Sith
    AHT URGAN - Nashmeira's Plea
    ACP - Those Who Lurk In Shadows ( III ) 145 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    42 42 11 Final Fantasy XI 1332310898 An amazing end game account. Recall safe, this account will never be recalled.
    The account has access to all areas
    Server is Valefor and transfer is available for BOTH ACCOUNTS!
    All armor is listed in the picture.
    The account's fees have been paid for.
    If you have any questions please ask :)

    Signup To View Link

    Signup To View Link

    149 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    43 43 11 Final Fantasy XI 1332328933 82 merits used,39k conquest points, rest of info needed will be in picture.(edit: no expansion missions done)

    Bismarck Server 152 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    44 44 13 Lord of the Rings 1332342184 156 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    45 45 13 Lord of the Rings 1332342241 Vilya Server

    75 Hunter
    Fully ranked (70 with Greater Delving Scroll) and upgraded (All Legacies Tier 6) 2nd age 75 Bow
    4/6 Galtrev 'Impossible Shot' Set
    Rank 12 Justice
    Rank 13 Loyalty
    Rank 12 Tolerance
    Rank 12 Valour
    Rank 12 Wisdom
    Rank 12 Zeal
    Rank 12 Charity
    Rank 12 Compassion
    Rank 12 Determination
    Rank 11 Fidelty
    Rank 10 Honesty
    6795 Morale
    2,873 Power

    1100 ICPR

    1486 Agi
    697 Vit

    8,184 Critical Hit
    19,214 Physical Mastery
    Tier 7 Master Farmer (Master Westfold)
    Tier 7 Master Scholar (Master Westfold) (Master of Guild)
    R2 Esquire PVMP
    Kindred with Men of Bree, Thorin's Hall, The Wardens of Annuminas, The Eglain, Galadhrim, Malledhrim, Rangers of Esteldin, Elves of Rivendell, Mathom Society, Iron Garrison Guards, Iron Garrison Miners, Men of Dunland, Theodreds Riders.
    Mounts: Blue Roan Horse, Nimble Redhorn Goat, Elf Ambassador's Horse (+68%), Red-clad Horse of the Gap, Yule Festival Horse, Prized Rivendell Steed.
    Tons of crafting mats, assorted IXP runes, LIs, faction bartering tokens, legendary fragments. Included: 1 Worn Symbol of Celebrimbor and 2 Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigils
    1606 Relic Shards
    2912 Skirmish Marks
    448 Medallions
    20 Seals

    7th and 8th Legenadry Item slot unlocked.

    Max upgraded vault
    In game store upgraded Vitality (+50) and Fate (+30)
    All Race traits unlocked
    All Bowmaster, Trapper, and Hunstman traits unlocked
    All legendary traits except 'Explosive Arrow' unlocked

    65 Warden
    Crafted set 65
    First Age Level 60 Spear
    Second Age Level 65 Javelin
    Kindred with: Thorin's Hall, and Iron Garrison Guards
    Thorins Hall Kindred reward Goat Mount (+62%)
    Rank 10 Honesty
    Rank 10 Innocence
    Rank 9 Empathy
    Rank 8 Loyalty
    Rank 7 Charity
    Rank 6 Valour
    Rank 6 Compassion
    Rank 5 Justice
    Rank 5 Idealism

    7 of 9 Racial Traits (2 missing are: Virtuous Man, and Man Sword-Damage Bonus)
    6 of 8 Way of the Spear
    6 of 8 Way of the Shield
    5 of 8 Way of the Fist

    6 of 7 Legendary Traits Unlocked

    Westfold Cook
    Expert Jeweller
    Journeyman Prospector

    Expansions: Shadows of Angmar, Mines of Moria, Siege of Mirkwood, Rise of Isengard.
    Deluxe House in Bree-Land Homestead
    Total Account Gold: 105
    Total Destiny Points: 12,150
    Total Turbine Points: 534
    157 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    46 46 13 Lord of the Rings 1332342303 LEVEL 75 Burglar Kin Leader on Arkenstone Server
    7 months left on VIP account
    Tower of Orthanc Armor Dinghol set except Saruman
    2 level 75 maxxed out 2nd age weapons
    2 level 75 maxxed out Class itemsAll Primo burglar jewelry from Skirms
    8 Virtues @ level 12 others 7 - 10
    100+ gold
    Level 35 Minny and Hunter 158 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    47 47 13 Lord of the Rings 1332342334 lv65 brandywine champ cheap price to sell fast has soa / mom has some roi questpacks (including sg) does not have roi 159 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    48 48 10 Eve Online 1332384649 161 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    49 49 10 Eve Online 1332384740 This character is very well suited for adaptable piracy, lowsec, and nullsec. Almost all core skills are trained to 5, and at the very minimum are at level 4. Ample assets, currently flying a full t2 ratting Drake in nullsec, for the Alliance Important Internet Spaceship Leaque (IISL). Capable of flying full t2 fit Amarr Battleships. Easily trainable to anything else desired to fly. Very strong exploration and scanning skills as well. Skill arrrangement: 42,213,560 Total SP 4.27 Mill in Drones 2.52 Mill in Electr. 1.92 Mill in Engin. 9.05 Mill in Gunner 400k in industry 8k in leadership 2.97 Mill in Mechan. 7.27 Mill in Missile 1.57 Mill in Navigat 2.29 Mill in Science 2.09 Mill in Social 7.88 Mill in Spaceship 0 in trade 45 Mill base ISK, and several fully fit ships ready to go. Possibilities are endless. 162 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    50 50 11 Final Fantasy XI 1332420351 This is a true beast. Best possible gear for sam; best possible gear for nin; best possible gear for rng, almost best for pld and many many other jobs.
    Comes with a very well geared and skilled whm mule that also has an ebisu (fisher smock and all the gear needed to make a massive amount of gil). Has all the clear

    for Voidwatch. Extremely up to date account.

    Account is completely secured.
    All necessary information is available.
    All OO information is available.

    Taru male

    All jobs 99

    Sandoria: rank 10
    Roz: The last verse
    Cop: The last verse
    ToaU: Eternal mercanary
    Assault: Captain
    All dynamis: clear except Tav.
    Nyzual: 100
    All expansion completed

    ALL abyssea Atmas obtained
    PW atma completed

    100 smithing, 60 all other crafts
    100 fishing
    80 synergy

    Capped merits
    Shoha 5/5
    Shun 5/5

    Notable Gears:

    Amanomurakoumo (95)
    Annihilator (95)
    Kikoku (95)
    Aegis (95)

    Verethragna (90)
    Almace (85)
    Kanagi (85)

    5/5 AFv2+2 sets for:

    Ace's Mail
    Archon ring
    Togi's Harness
    Maat's cap
    Strendu ring and mantle
    Phasmida belt
    full Skadi set
    Black Belt

    This account also come fully equiped, lots of gil invested into the gear for this account. Some notable high priced items are:
    Mekira Oto +1
    Ocelot Headpiece +1
    Avant Mail +1
    Lunette ring
    Vulcan Pearl

    AND MUCH MUCH MORE, this is just a quick run down of the notable gears. Too much to be listed! Many seals and +2s materials needed for upgrade. If you have some specific question about gears that the account has, please ask me through PM.

    The sam on this character has the best gear possible to dish out the most damage. All missions are done; currently working on a mythic, need to finish some assaults and turn in the rest of the alexandrites. This account is NOT an account for light players; you buy this account, you're expected to be the best player and guarenteed a spot in the best LS on any server.

    The mule attached to this account is an extremely valuable addition. Want to gear up another job? Go duo box it on your free time real quick and obtain all you need to play the job. When you're not using the account? go fish and make a ton of gil. The mule will allow you to achieve many things you otherwise would be unable to.

    Minimum bid: 3000
    Buyout: No set atm
    PM your offer.

    payment type:
    Western Union only.
    Can use MM at buyer's expense 164 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    51 51 11 Final Fantasy XI 1332420465

    I've Decided to sell my FFXI account, ive not played since lvl 95 was unlocked so highest jobs are level 90 but easy enough to level up to 95.

    Kannagi(85) NIN90 with 4/5 AF+2 (2 Items needed to upgrade the head to +2)
    THF90 with great gear and 5/5 AF+2 TH5 (Just need TH Hands)
    Other level 90 jobs: MNK BLM RDM PLD(89) SAM90 BLU90
    Other jobs 75+: BST78 BRD75 RNG81

    Server: Asura
    Hume - Male
    Gil - 9.3 Mil
    Cruor - 2.5 mil
    Shinny unlocked (noted Twilight belt, Dagger etc)


    Bastok Rank 8

    Zilart: The Sealed Shine (Suppanomimi)
    CoP: Dawn (Raja's Ring+Brutals Earring)
    ToAU: Mission 12
    WoTG: Mission 3 (Cait Sith)

    Most Jobs Merits Capped out (stopped playing when they raised hp/mp etc caps up)
    HP: 9
    MP: 2


    STR: 6

    Combat Skills:

    Katana 8/8
    Great Katana 8/8
    Evasion 4/4

    Magic Skils:

    Enfeebling Magic Skills: 7/8
    Elemental Magic Skills: 1/8
    Ninjusu Skill: 8/8


    Critical Hit Rate: 4
    Enemy Crit Hit Rate: 1
    Spell Interruption Rate: 2


    Counter Rate: 5/5
    Kick Attack Rate: 5/5
    Mantra: 1/5
    Formless Strikes: 1/5
    Invigorate: 1/5
    Penance: 5/5

    Black Mage:

    Ice Magic Potency: 5/5
    Lightning Magic Potency: 5/5
    Freeze II: 5/5
    Burst II: 5/5

    Red Mage:

    Ice Magic Acc: 5/5
    Wind Magic Acc: 5/5
    Slow II: 4/5
    Para II: 1/5
    Bio III: 5/5


    Flee Recast: 5/5
    Triple Attack Rate: 5/5
    Assassin's Charge: 5/5
    Feint: 2/5
    Ambush: 2/5


    Sentinal Recast: 1/5
    Chivalry: 1/5


    Unlimited Shot Recast: 5/5
    Rapid Shot Rate: 5/5
    Flashy Shot: 2/5
    Snapshot: 4/5


    Store TP Effect: 5/5
    Meditate Recast: 5/5
    Shikikoyo: 3/5
    Overwhelm: 5/5


    Subtle Blow Effect: 5/5
    Hyoton Effect: 5/5
    Ninja Tool Expertise: 4/5
    Katon:San 1/5
    Hyoton:San 1/5
    Huton:San 1/5
    Doton:San 1/5
    Raiton:San 1/5
    Suiton:San 1/5

    Blue Mage:

    Chain Affinity Recast: 5/5
    Physical Potency: 5/5
    Enchainment: 5/5
    Assimilation: 5/5

    Various AF+1 and AF+2 on the account aswell

    Most Atmas/Abbysites unlocked for abyssea

    Noteable Gear:

    Iga Kyahan +2
    Iga Ningi +2
    Iga Hakama +2
    Triumph Earring +2
    All HQ Ele Staffs
    Qiriz Tathum
    Iga Zukin +1
    Optical Hat
    Alert Ring
    Brutal Earring
    Seiryu's kote
    Iga erimaki
    Twilight Torque
    Boxer's Mantle
    Ninja kyahan
    Ambusher's Hose
    Rajas Ring
    Sniper's Ring +1
    Peacock Charm
    Sekka +2 (AGI+9 Evasion+20)
    Iga Tekko +2
    Twilight Belt
    Atheling Mantle
    Iga dochgappa
    Twilight Knife
    Koga kyahan
    Hope Torque
    Carbuncle Mitts
    Unkai kabuto+1
    Glyph Axe
    Walahra Turban
    Raider's boomerang
    Augur's Jaseran
    Soul Saber (DMG+7 Delay:-10 STR+2 Attack+5 Trial 169 on flans)
    Raider's Bonnet +2
    Cleofun Axe
    Raider's Vest +2
    Angr Harpe
    Thief's Knife
    Sorcerer's Ring
    Tantra Tathlum
    Sylvan gapette +1
    Siege Bow
    Loquacious Earring
    Tokon Hachimaki
    Hellfire +1
    Scout's beret
    Literae Coat (MAB+ 3 Conserve MP+3)
    Saotome Kote
    Dragon Mittens +1
    Mirage keffiyeh
    Tantra Hose +1
    Raider's Poulaines +2
    Wyvern Helm +1
    Mavi tathlum
    Moldy Earring
    Unkai Haidate +2
    Denali Kecks
    Impulse belt
    Sylvan bragues +1
    Koenig Schaller
    Mavi tayt +1
    Ducal Guard's ring (4/5 Charge left)
    Ace's leggings
    Tantra Gloves +1
    Eradico Mitts
    Ifrit's Blade
    Dragon Subligar +1
    Raider's Armlets +2
    Raider's Culottes +2
    Raider's Earring
    Goetia Mantle
    Praeda sabatons
    Terebellum mantle
    Rapidus sax
    Clout Boots
    Serket Ring
    Twilight Cape
    Creed baudrier
    Bullwhip Belt
    Sylvan chlamys
    Goetia Petasos +1
    Libeccio mantle
    Enfeebling Torque
    Searing Cape

    AF seals and +2 Items in inventory:
    Goetia seal: Legs 8/8
    Creed seal: Head 6/8
    Tantra Seal: Feet 3/8
    Creed Seal: Hands 3/8
    Tantra Seal: Hands 6/8
    Mavi Seal: Body 4/10
    Estoqueur's seal: Legs 8/8
    Unkai Seal: Hands 7/8
    Estoqueur's seal: head 4/8
    Vision Coin: 3/6
    Balance Coin: 1/6

    Starting Bid: $300

    Buyout: $600

    Cant upload screenshots forum wont let me but PM me and I can email screenshots to you

    PM me if your interested or if you need anymore information, want to sell asap so bid bid bid bid!! Thanks

    Happy Bidding 165 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    52 52 11 Final Fantasy XI 1332420509 >

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    Rank 8 sandy
    abyss ready
    90 mnk, bst
    80 sam
    75 nin
    60 rdm
    51 thf
    40 war


    razed ruins
    beast king
    dragon rider
    ace angler

    Mantis Last stage
    Tantra Thalium
    Acubens helm
    Askar Korazin
    Shura Togi
    Enkidus Harness
    Tantra Gloves +1
    Melee Gloves
    Tantra Hose +1
    Byakkos Haidate
    Enkidus Leggings
    Fernie Necklace
    peacock Charm
    Bullwhip belt
    Black Belt
    Kemas Earring
    Spiral Ring
    Keen Ring
    Creed Baudrier
    Lancers Pelerine
    Shaolin Belt
    Shura Haidate
    Thew Bomblet

    starting bid 100 buyout 175 !!!!!

    transfer is not up ......
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