Selling    300/307/360 63 Dk Map + Pots +40B Assets (12B raw silvers) + Radiant Cheer 5 +220FS

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    Price : €300

    Add me in discord if interested



    I have a convincing late game DK setup with 8.5K-ish caphra to allocate more.
    1DP is ready to be redeemed in the adventure log + drop rate!
    The gear in order is Griffon C9,
    Silent FallenGod,
    Bheg C7,
    Nouver C7,
    Fiery Dande C9,
    Urugon C7)


    I have a Radiant Fairy with Miraculous Cheer V and Feathery Steps IV


    I have grinded 498 Energy and 400 CPs (fully allocated in an efficient-ish AFK worker empire). Also my DK is level 63 (as you can see below). I also have 4.5k ecology and all of the relevant journals completed (I have also done most of the alustin journal). I also have 21 maids. One of the DropRate journals is ready to be popped for some Hystria gains (and +1 DP)! If enhancing is your jam I have quite a lot of welfare failstacks up to 100 (~10ish), one 156 and one 223! My permanent enhancement chance is +2.


    I have the Map and both Pots (one is Ancient if you like to brag!)


    I have a T9 Dream Doom with full skill setup and high stats with a lot of materials to try out some T10s try

    (63 roots more, you can see them in below)

    Cash, assets and rerolls:

    In my marketplace I have 7B liquid + 7B cash out + 8.4k-ish caphra +23B-ish assets (storage + mp). As you can see in the inventory enough fluel is ready for a new tag (right now a musa is tagged to the DK). If that is not enough I have 3 full set of reroll coupons (2 in screen, one in mail)


    I have a full pet setup (T4s) and some more

    P2W *cough cough* Convenience:

    I have 16 char slots, 21 maids (10 storage, 11 CM), 756 Lootscrolls, 3 weeks of blessing of the old moon pack, 41 days of kama blessing and 84 days of ValuePack
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