WTT: us elyos 55 assassin pvp/pve geared!!

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  1. Aion

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    Level 55 Elyos Assassin


    +12 Guardian Tribunus Dagger with Paralyze Godstone
    +11 Miragent's Sword with Paralyze Godstone
    Full +10 40 Elite Centurion PVP Armor Set
    Full PVP Accessories such as:
    1x 50 Guardian Tribunus's Ruby Necklace
    1x 55 Guardian Primus Pilus's Corundum Earring
    1x 30 Guardian Squad Leader's Topaz Earring
    2x 50 Guardian Tribunus's Ruby Ring
    1x 50 Guardian Tribunus's Leather Belt
    Jotun Worthy Hat
    Full Miragents Leather Set
    +1 Flarestorm Sword
    and other Gold PVE 50/55 Accessories
    49 Plat Medals
    Character has over 600k AP and about 10mil kinah

    475/499 Weaponsmithing
    433/499 Essencetapping

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    PM me with offers please. THanks
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.