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    The title pretty much sums it up. This is a very well geared account that comes with a ton of key items and such that make it easy to jump in, and start playing right away. I've taken the liberty of taking a bunch of screenshots, and compiling them together to give you a look at most of what this account has to offer. I will list those at the end of this post. For now, I'll list what this account comes with that aren't listed in the screenshots.

    -The mithra is the white, long hair one (not sure on the exact face model, but it's hot.)

    -Rank 10 windurst

    -THF, NIN, RDM, WAR Lv.90 PLD85, DRK80, BLU77

    -All expansions (including mini-expansions) are registered. Only one not completed is
    Shantoto's Accession.

    -Located on the Asura server

    -Dynamis ice zones accessible

    -All but 3 Abyssea bosses beaten. The ones that still need beaten are: La-Theine, Grauberg, and Uleguerand.

    -The account comes with about 1.7mil on hand, and 1.1mil on mule (with a couple items that are un-needed and could be sold for an additional 200k or so)

    -Comes with 4 pages worth of atmas, and loads of key items to pop NMs.


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    -If you feel that these are untrustworthy, I'll gladly take full scale pics, and add text in-game of your choosing.

    -WU only please.

    -Middle Man is required upon the buyers expense.

    -Starting bid at $350.

    -Questions, concerns, comments, feel free to post here or PM me. I'd list my email, but bots on this site like to spam my inbox.

    Thanks for viewing!
Thread Status:
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