WTS: US WTS: 71 THF mule

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    Looking to get rid of this. Picked it up a couple of months ago on here, but I've since been playing FFXIV a bit more and picked up DCUO, so I'm not really using it. It's a good account to get back into FFXI with and still have plenty to do (that's how I was using it; playing with the recent wave of new/returning players doing low level content to get back in the swing of things).

    Elvaan Male
    Rank 5 San d'Oria
    71 THF, 41 NIN, 17 WAR
    1M Gil on hand
    THF and WAR are geared (nothing special)

    Nothing more to say about it. Will let it go pretty cheap. Transfer up in about a month. Currently on Titan with a very large population of new/returning players willing to do the older content.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.