WTS: US: [Paypal 250$[WoWUS] 359 All Epic 85War+82Mage+Alts+BoAGear 70000GOLD[250$ A/W]

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    AutoWIN 250$


    Title says all, Selling 85 Warrior with 82 mage alt using Account has about 15 days membership. 67000 Gold, and Full BoA Training Gear.Tried selling it here when it was 80 but no one bought, so I leveled it when Cataclysm and played alot of the content so it has alot of new acheivements so now reselling or swapping for runescape. Warrior has mostly all Heroic Cataclysm Dungeons, mostly 346 Item Level and 480 Valor Points with 800 Justice Points, and has defeated 10man Tol Barad raid, Bastion of Twilight, 5/6 Blackwing Descent, and 1/2 Throne of Four Winds. Has cleared all 85 Heroic Dungeons and is about 3 achieves from Glory of Cataclysm Dungeons Ready for 10man raiding in Blackwing Descent and other 10man Cataclysm Raids. Has 510 Mining, and 450 Jewelcrafting, both great expansion starting professions to make cash. Also has all BoA gear for 1-80 alts. I am the original owner.

    Warriors Armory

    Warrior has Mechano hog, 10/12 New Raid Bosses killed (Chopper Mount, and Goblin Trike Mount ( New Cataclysm Mount). Also has a 349 All + 359 Two Hand for DPS set if you want to DPS or Tank, also has a PVP set.

    Has about 70K Gold, and alot of items.

    Mage Armory

    Mage has X53 Touring Rocket, 45$ value and Glory of Ulduar Drake.

    All character customizations are up for purchase, characters have not been transfered, and I am the original owner.

    Taking offers via pm or pm me for my msn AW 250$ or Swap for RS, willing to use a Sythe Official MM but buyer must pay fee. If not I'm not going first, dont care if I'm new or not or have 0 vouches. I am the original owner, and currently have a authenticator on it but will remove prior to trade. Thank you and good luck bidding/offering.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.