WTS: US: Main: Mage with 12k+ achievs + 1 year subscription and free Diablo3 account.

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    Don't have time to play this game anymore, way too busy with other commitments. Selling my battle.net account which has 2 accounts merged. I'm the original owner of this account, have it since release of BC.

    Main account has 1 year subscription paid for and you will also get Diablo3 for free when it is released. This account includes:

    Goblin mage (my main):
    Battlemaster, Conqueror, Of The Horde, Exalted, Light of Dawn, Undying - all up 46 titles.
    -12600 achievement points,
    -100+ mounts inc purchased ones, ultramarine battle tank, both ICC and Ulduar drakes, hog and many others, 100+ pets including some purchased ones, ~15k gold
    -Current gear: 397 ilvl PVP gear, 392ilvl PVE gear, heaps of BOAs
    -Professions all maxed out: cooking, enchanting, tailoring, archaeology and fishing.

    -85 Warrior (same active account as the mage): 396ilvl PVP gear
    -85 Priest (inactive account): decent pvp and pve gear pre 4.3
    -85 Druid (inactive account): fresh

    I put a lot of effort into my main over the years so serious offers please.
    Contact me for more details.

    Email: [email protected]
Thread Status:
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