WTS: US: Level 85 Epic Pally Full DPS/Full Healing Off set Lots of Mounts & Golds

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    Level 85 Paladin has 6.4k PVE gearscore and she has a tank set
    Full DPS Offset and a Full Healing Offset
    Professions Mining 518, Blacksmithing 521
    Mounts Like: Black War Mamoth, Bronze Drake , Elekks, Gryphons and more
    Has over half a heroic set for prot in the bank, a very decent holy set and a stunning 62k Gold for starters.

    Feel free to pm for offers or more information add me over windows live [email protected]
    This account is hand-made by me and no one but me has logged into this account.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.