WTS: US: Level 60 Human Male Worrior, ONLY 35 Dallars, OBO

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    Level 60 Human Male, Malygos Server. Selling cheap, NO EXPANSIONS. I dont play WoW anymore, it has been a while. The account recently got 7 days of free playtime (July 30, 2011). The account has full PvP gear (Lvl 60 Epic) that you can get from the Honor Merchants. He also has about 70 gold in his inventory, and another 300gold in the guild bank. The Guild is dead, so take all of the money. Its yours. The account has no Expansions, but if you get them, he will be lvl 61 within 1 kill of a mob of your rank since he only needs 1 XP to level. If your Interested, leave your email, pm me your email, or contact me by email at [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.