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    I'll try to keep this short and to the point. I am the original owner of this 4 year old account that was started back in 2007. I have decided to move on and quit the game; sell this hi-end account to a lucky buyer.

    What I have to offer as of 12/15/2011 are 3 lvl 85 Characters geared for End-Game Raiding and PvP (2000+RBG ready)

    LvL 85 - Overall item level 388 - Troll Rogue + 525 Alchemy, 525 Herbalist
    -Legendary quest started, have Stage 1 of 3 of daggers - 114/333 Fragments collected
    -Has full 384 PvP set 4300 Resilience
    Combat PvE + Subelty PvP Armor set link:

    LvL 85 - Overall item level 387 - Blood Elf Paladin + 525 Enchanter,525 Jewelcrafter
    -Full End-Game PvE Holy set of gear (ilvl389 Equipped)
    -Full End-Game PvE Retrebution set of gear(ilvl 386 Equipped)
    -Full End-Game PvE Protection set of gear (ilvl 377 Equipped)
    -Full Hi-End PvP Retrebution set (ilvl 385 Equipped) 4250 Resilience
    -Full Hi-End PvP Holy set (ilvl 384 Equipped) 4190 Resilience
    Holy PvE, Ret PvE, Tank PvE Armor link:
    Holy PVP and Ret PVP Armor link:

    LvL 85 - Overall item level 385 - Human Warrior + 525 Enchanter, 525 Miner
    -Full End-Game PvE Protection set (ilvl 377 Equipped)
    -Full End-Game PvE Fury set (ilvl 380 Equipped)
    -Full Hi-End PvP Arms set (ilvl 384 Equipped) 4240 Resilience
    Prot PvE, Fury PvE, and Arms PVP armor link:

    Additional Info:
    -At the time of this post, 12/15/2011 the account has 55,750gold on the Rogue/Paladin, and an additional 32,000g on the Warrior
    -Every character has over 2000 Valor/Conquest points as of today for the lucky buyer to spend it on - Patch 4.3 has some very cool items you can buy with those Valor/Conquest points
    -I have quite a bit of old game content gear, from Vanilla, BC, and Wrath
    - Paladin has obtained Legendary lvl60 Weapon- Sulfuras Hand of Ragnaros
    -Nearly all heirlooms bought on Rouge/Paladin
    - /played time over 250hours total for Rogue/Pally/Warrior
    -All characters have 310% riding skill
    -Never been banned, suspended or reported
    -I am not a GM or officer in any guild, However I have 2 bank alts who both have 2 sepreate 5 tab guild banks registered to their own names.
    + Much more info, if you are interested please feel free to contact me via these options:
    1. [email protected]
    2. or, send me a Private Message on EGamingSupply

    Accepting Escrow only transactions
    Starting sale price $1100.00, also open to offers.

    So, to conclude. You are getting 3 very geared World of Warcraft Characters, that will be able to do nearly everything the game has to offer. Rogue, Paladin, and Warrior. All able to fill their multiple roles and fighting styles.

    Thank you for your time!
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