WTS: US: ILVL 375 Arms/Prot WAR - 85 Druid ILVL 338 - 73 DK iLVL 133 Beast in pvp/pve

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    85 Human Warrior -Arms/Prot- iLVL.375
    Full S10 Vicious w/ 7 pieces of Ruthless plus weapon
    Extra prot set for RBGs (Currently rated 1800)
    Conquest point cap is currently 2207.
    525 Engineering - 525 Mining - 345 Archy
    >>>>Raven Lord<<<< plus tons of extra mounts.

    Also on account:
    85 Druid - Boomkin spec w/ Feral off spec iLVL.338
    73 Blood/Frost DK - FULL BRUTAL with GEMS PIMP TWINK in PVP/PVE!
    - Full set of plate BOAs including 2h sword
    - Full set of leather BOAs
    - Both BOA daggers

    Account is currently Active Feel free to PM Me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.