WTS: US: iLVL 361 - 85 Mage - t11.5 (4 piece t11) & vicioWTS: US: - PVE/PVP

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    I am looking for $500 + you making your own account to xfer the mage to (i have other toons on the account I intend to keep).

    Picture of toon: img534.imageshack.us/i/wowscr...311011355.jpg/

    85 Goblin Mage
    Horde - Bleeding Hollow
    Defender of the Shattered World Title
    Fairly new toon so not many notable achievements, I have the 2000rating achievement for both 2v2 and 3v3 arenas, obviously defender of the shattered world achievement, and heroic halfus achievement.

    525 Engineering (jeeves, mailbox)
    525 Enchanting (50 str enchant)
    These are top notch pve/pvp professions, I've made some pretty good profits with them as well.

    310% Flying Epic Mount (No special mounts, regular wyvern)

    Plate dps heirloom items + heirloom axe

    Items are probably reforged differently, was too lazy to update it to be exact on chardev. Item level on chardev isnt accurate either, bugged for whatever reason its a little lower than it is ingame.
    PVE Gear: chardev.org/?profile=17322 (has t11.5 (heroic) chest, and other t11 gear to have 4 piece bonus)
    PVP Gear: chardev.org/?profile=17319

    I am the original owner, I can send you a photocopy of my driver's license to prove it. I will provide you all cd keys, secret pw/answer and any other information that you require. I live in Toronto, if you are interested send me a message. I would prefer a buyer with Facebook or some other kind of social networking account.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.