WTS: US: (Horde *shadowmoon*) WTS account with Lvl 85 PVE Priest, 85 PVP Mage +many alts

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    Hello, I am currently looking to sell my World of Warcraft account because i no longer have time raid, and would like to pay off some expenses with the time I've put into this account. This is a cataclysm account that has game time until 3/30/11. I am the original owner, and have been playing since 2006.

    My main character is a Lvl 85 Blood elf male who has done quite a bit of raiding. He is raid ready with enchantments, flasks, and buff foods. I've put time and effort into making sure that his current items are as optimized as possible to heal. He also has a secondary set of shadow gear in his bag, and has dual spec to switch back and fourth. As well as a set of lvl 70 pvp gear (for cosmetic reasons). He also has an awesome name for a priest as well (which will be revealed with serious offers). As you will see below, his 2 main professions (tailoring and herbalism) are maxed out. He is currently holding 4k gold as well as many cataclysm enchanting supplies.

    The link to this character: myarmory.net/fe95eb#summary

    The second 85 is a Female Blood elf Mage used for Player vs. Player (Pvp)
    she meets many of the basic requirements as such (2k+ resil for rated bgs and some arena teams) etc. She has epic flying.

    The link to this character: .armoryx/anonymous-wow-profile/4332990

    The alts include but are not limited to

    An 80 blood elf male retribution Pally with epic flying.
    The link to this character: .armoryx/anonymous-wow-profile/1716976

    An 80 undead male Rogue (unspecced) with normal flying.
    The link to this character: .armoryx/anonymous-wow-profile/1432257

    as you can tell, both these alts are pretty geared for their level, and are ready to go on to Cataclysm if you so choose.

    a level 35 orc hunter with BoA's ready to level

    There are some other low level alts on this account as well. (some used to mule stuff)

    -And if you ever get tired of playing on horde-
    There is a level 56 druid on eredar (created before you could have horde and alliance on the same server)

    Because I am new to this website, I am interested in using a MiddleMan service. I am not interested in scamming anyone and would just like to sell this account to someone who will hopefully enjoy this game as much as I have. I'm looking to sell this for CHEAP because I want YOU to get the most out of the game time as possible, and ME to get the money as soon as possible.

    If you have any questions, concerns, etc. Please contact me via pm

    Thank you for your time
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