WTS: US: Horde 85 Troll Priest ilvl355, 525alch/herb; 85 Belf Pal 535ench/insc. ilvl350

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    Priest is is Exalted with all Cataclysm factions, has epic flyer.
    Paladin is heroic geared with a full prot set, and most of the holy set. regular flyer.
    Characters are fully gemmed and enchanted.
    If you want more info and/or wish to make an offer, please post a reply and send a private message.
    Each character is in pve gear, and has several 85 pvp pieces in inventory.
    I am the original owner, and the account is pristine, problem free.
    I strive for complete honesty and integrity in all my dealings. Show me the same courtesy and don't waste my time with efforts to scam.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.