WTS: US: Holy pally 8/13 hard modes 362 item lvl + alts

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    Character Profile for Pally: .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-26494.html
    Pally also has Prot set that is Ilvl 350

    Character Profile for Shaman: .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-26495.html

    Also have a 85 lock however he is not geared for raids he is able to do heroics. Have a lvl 70 druid (feral, feral tank) that is geared in full BOA including helm and back pieces, a 60 priest which i have full boas for except for the staff, and a hunter which is lvl 59.


    525 Alchemy
    525 Herbalism
    525 Skinning
    525 Mining
    511 Jewlcrafting
    451 Enchanting

    Mounts/Pets: The pally has the achieve for both the 50 mounts and 50 pets.

    Just put a 2 month card on the account so it will run out sometime in May.

    If you have any questions feel free to PM me and I would be glad to talk to you on the phone or on aim. Im asking 350$ however the price is negotiable. I would prefer also that you have paypal. Also willing to let you check out the characters in game. I look forward to talking to you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.