WTS: US: Holy Paladin, Elemental Shaman, Destroction Warlock + alts!

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    Holy pally ilvl is 362 .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-28560.html is a masked armory link for it. He is also 8/13 HARDMODES. A few of the notable achievements include Bane of the Fallen King and Defender of a Shattered World. He has both the 50 mounts/pets achievement. Some of the mounts include Albino drake, Rusted Proto-drake, Reins of the Frostbrood, Black Drake, and all of the alliance reputation mounts, and the wooly mammoth mount. He has an offspec of Prot and the ilvl for that set of gear is 350.

    The account also comes with many alts including a lvl 85 Resto/Ele shaman (350 ilvl) .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-28561.html and a 85 lock. Lower level toons include a 70 druid, 60 priest, and a 58 hunter. I have most of the boa's for these characters however i do not have all of the mail items for the hunter.

    As for the original owner, that I am.

    When you buy the account I have the secret question and you will get the email attached to the account along with all of the secret questions that go along with that. I do not however have any of the codes that go with the account.
    Screen Shots: profile.imageshack.us/user/bmcd2761/ Multiple Screen shots of my characters, bags, achievements, and ect. If you would like a specific screen shot of a particular item, mount, or achievement please let me know and I can get that to you!

    Professions on the account include:
    525 Alchemy (Pally)
    511 Jewlcrafting (Pally)
    525 Herbalism (Shaman)
    525 Skinning (Shaman)
    525 Mining (Lock)
    451 Enchanting (Lock)
    I also have First aid 450, Cooking at 425 and Fishing at 225.

    Account also comes with Starcraft II, Warcraft III + Frozen throne.

    The reason that im quitting is kind of funny. I spilt tea on my computer and ruined it completely, so in order to fix it I am selling the account to pay for it.

    Paypal is my preferred option for payment and before I sell my account I would like to talk to you on the phone. Im looking to get around 450$. Will be willing to talk to you in game untill April 15th.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.