WTS: US: [H] Paladin Equipped ILVLs Prot 358/Holy PvE 352,PvP 356/Ret 351, 6 LOADED Guild Tabs

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    PvE: (16/17 Epic, 3/5 T11) 160k HP, 9.5% Dodge, 14.3% Parry, 58% Block = 88% Total Static Mitigation

    PvE: (9/17 Epic) 23.50% Haste, 6452 SP, 16.5% Crit, 96k Mana

    PvP: (7/17 Epic) 3362 Resilience, 17% Haste, 6179 SP, 13% Crit, 120k HP, 86.6k Mana

    592% Flying Speed with Crusader Aura

    40K Gold+

    Level 10 Guild with 6 Bank Tabs Fully Loaded: image./P/B/...1993ba751f.jpg
    Gems, Enchant/Tailor Mats, Alchemy Mats, Flasks, Potions, Food

    Soon guilds will be transferable: .us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2267590574

    Included are fully heirloomed warrior and hunter alts. I will transfer the guildmaster position to any character upon request.

    Gearlist: .maskedarmory/wow-armory-profile-26795.html

    Buy it here: deleted
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.