WTS: US: (H) 85 Priest/Rogue/DK 82 Paladin/80 Warlock

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    Selling my World of WarCraft account with the following...

    85 Priest (Main) - 376 item level - geared out with new 5-man gear, and some tier pieces. This is the only really geared character on the account, the rest are fresh 85 with no gear. Priest also has Tailoring and Herbalism leveled.

    This account is also linked to StarCraft II.

    Getting rid of the account because I no longer play either game as I've become too busy in RL.

    Willing to sell via PayPal only.

    Starting price is $200.

    The account is also loaded with all BoAs scattered across all characters on the account.

    All characters on Horde side.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.