WTS: US: Glad - HPAL full VIC + Lots of mounts

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    Full vicious
    372 T2 Weapon
    Titles seen in graphic
    2280 gold

    Abyssal Seahorse
    Black war bear
    Blazing hippo
    Blue wind rider
    Big battle bear
    Black war kodo
    Blue Drake mount
    Bronze Drake mount
    Black Drake mount
    Black war mammoth
    Blue qiraji battle tank
    Celestial steed
    Fiery warhorse
    Great brewfest kodo
    Ironbound Proto-drake
    Red-proto drake
    Furious Gladiator's Frost Wyrm
    Great sunwalker Kodo
    Magic rooster
    Red skeletal warhorse
    Goblin trike
    Headless horseman's mount
    Raven lord
    Rusted proto drake
    Sunwalker kodo
    Vicious War Wolf
    X-51 Nether Rocket XTREME
    Swift razzashi raptor
    White war talbuk
    X-53 Touring rocket
    Swift spectral tiger
    Wooly White rhino

    7255 Achievs -
    Great PVP stats
    Hero of the Horde
    Great paladin to take into this brand new season!


    Will provide AIM to users who want to chat more directly
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.