WTS: US: Full-up Battle.net Account with Pre-Cata WoW Account

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    I am currently looking to sell a Battle.net account that contains the following and expecting a total price of $240~.

    Starcraft 2 - With the free name change still available. ($60 Value)
    - 200+ wins on all 1v1 Races (for Icons)
    - 600 wins as 1v1 Random
    - Placed in 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 Diamond Random
    - 3600+ Achievement Points
    - Most of the Icons accessible by conventional means have been unlocked (barring high-win req. icons and Collector's Edition Icons).

    Starcraft Anthology - Combination of both Starcraft 1 and Brood War ($20 Value)

    Diablo 2 + Diablo 2 Expansion ($40 Value)

    Warcraft 3 + Warcraft 3 Expansion ($40 Value)

    World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Account - Inactive, but Cataclysm 10 day trial still unused and available for claim - ($150+ Value, + is due to value of included characters)
    The account includes all of the characters listed below on a launch-day US PvP server. It basically covers every class in the game.

    - Lvl 80 Male Troll Priest - In High-End Raiding Gear from WotK
    - Lvl 80 Female Blood Elf Rogue - In High-End Raiding Gear from WotK
    - Lvl 80 Male Tauren Warrior - In Mid-End Raiding Gear from WotK
    - Lvl 60~ Male Troll Hunter
    - Lvl 60~ Male Orc Warlock
    - Lvl 60~ Male Tauren Druid
    - Lvl 70~ Female Blood-Elf Mage
    - Lvl 70~ Female Blood-Elf Paladin
    - Lvl 60~ Male Troll Shaman
    - Lvl 63~ Male Undead Death Knight? (Not sure if he exists anymore, death knights start their level at 55/58 anyway).
    - A handful of Heirloom Items across all the characters

    World of Warcraft Account - Burning Crusade Trial Expired - ($20 Value)
    - Sorry I forget what other characters I have on this account, it was used for leveling characters in the account listed above. Having a second account will be useful in many ways in the future.

    I only accept payments from verified Paypal accounts, and my Paypal account is as verified well. All required information for the account on sale, even including the email login-info tied to the account, will be fully relinquished immediately upon CONFIRMED payment. I will absolutely not however, give away my pictures of my identification.I am sorry, but I just can't risk my identity like that. Account Info + Email Account Info, upon confirmation of Donation type Paypal payment (no E-checks).

    Buyer must be fluent enough in English to discuss the purchase by chat or by voice, as well as email. Price may be negotiable, as long as it's within reason.
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