WTS: US: Full 2200 VicioWTS: US: Paladin, 72 mounts, 53k+ gold [and others]

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    Where: US
    Who: I am the OO of this account. I know all details but have misplaced the CD keys because it is a very old account.

    -85 Blood Elf Paladin
    -85 Blood Elf Warlock
    -83 Orc Rogue
    -See Other Characters section

    - required, you pay
    -I accept paypal ONLY
    -Asking $600, PM offers, I can flex

    Character Details:
    -51,000 gold
    -2k rep away from exalted with guild (we have phoenix and scorpion)
    -20 titles (see titles section)
    -72 mounts (see mounts section)
    -16 pets (I never really liked them much)
    -25 tabards, including tabard of brute force and tabard of the achiever
    -Full best-in-slot holy PVP gear, including 372 weapon and shield
    -Full 10man holy PVE set, all epics
    -Shoddy tank set in bank
    -Shoddy ret set in bank
    -3892 JP
    -910 VP
    -1568 CP
    -592 Honor
    -172 Tol Barad Commendations (only a couple more days of dailies until you can get the drake!)

    Special Items:
    -Hallowed Helm
    -Full pilgrim set
    -A couple Hallowed Wands
    -Darkspear Pride
    -Full Bloodsail Admiral set
    -Unbound Jingling Bell
    -A bunch of Winter stuff, including presents, snowballs, and the thing to turn into a snowman
    -11 Chaos Orbs
    -Brazier of Dancing Flames (really cool)
    -Everlasting Underspore Frond
    -Darkspear Shroud
    -Full summer set
    -Defender of the Timbermaw trinket
    -MiniZep controller
    -20 Elder's Moonstones
    -Full Love is in the Air set/items
    -Lots of other goodies

    -Bloodsail Admiral (hated with the Steamwheedle, sorry)
    -Champion of the Frozen Wastes
    -Flame Keeper
    -Guardian of Cenarius
    -Twilight Vanquisher
    -of Silvermoon
    -of the Ashen Verdict
    -of the Nightfall
    -the Argent Champion
    -the Diplomat
    -the Hallowed
    -the Love Fool
    -the Noble
    -the Patient

    -Albino Drake
    -Armored Brown Bear
    -All Horde faction mounts (regular and epic, includes goblins)
    -Black War Mammoth
    -Blue Qiraji Battle Tank
    -All Nether Rays
    -All Wind Riders (regular and epic)
    -Bronze Drake
    -All Ramkahen camels
    -Cenarion War Hyppogryph
    -All Mag'har talbuks
    -Flying Machine
    -Green Proto-Drake (my personal favorite)
    -Red Proto-Drake
    -Warhorse and Charger Paladin mounts
    -Venomhide Ravasaur (another favorite)
    -Yellow Qiraji Battle Tank
    NOTE: All I need for the Purple Proto-drake is Brewfest, which happens in three months.

    -525 Engineering
    -525 Mining
    -525 Fishing
    -525 Cooking
    -114 Archaeology

    -Swift Zherva (unobtainable, extremely rare)
    -Baby Blizzard Bear
    -Onyxian Whelpling
    -Rocket Chicken (TCG, extremely rare)
    -Spirit of Competition
    -Bounty of the Harvest
    -Unbound Red Helper Box
    -1,100 gold
    -525 Alchemy
    -525 Herbalism

    Other Characters:
    -85 Warlock has very little gear, he recently hit 85 (but he does have 300 Jewelcrafting)
    -66 Human Death Knight
    -49 Draenei Mage (with a TON of vanilla herbs in the gbank)
    -72 Draenei Shaman
    -47 Tauren Druid
    -19 Orc Warrior
    -1 Orc Rogue (with 735 gold and a TON of misc/crafting mats in the gbank)

    Please post in this thread with any questions and PM me if you are interested in buying. Thanks for your time!
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