WTS: US: Former Gladiator 85 Paladin + SC2 Account + 80, 71, 60 alts

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    This is post is for a bnet account with a 3 weeks plus active WoW account and Starcraft 2 account attached.

    This character is on US side Kel'Thuzad server. Available for transfer and everything else of that kind.

    My paladin has enchanting at 523 and engineering at 497.
    The account has over 44k gold.
    Other currency includes 1566 justice points and 1990 valor points.
    There are also 1665 Conquest points, 1024 honor points, and 83 Tol Barad Commendation marks.

    All of my mounts are in the pictures listed.
    Most notable ones being the Furious Glad. Frostwyrm, Volcanic Stone Drake, Rusted Proto-Drake, and Swift Horde Wolf.

    My character has 3+ sets of gear.
    For tanking she has 8/19 epics with the rest being heroic blues fully gemmed/enchanted (iLevel 357+).
    Healing she has 4/19 epics with the rest being heroic blues fully gemmed/enchanted (iLevel 357).
    PvP healing has 4/19 epics with rest being pvp blues.
    There are some ret pieces in the bank on my account.

    I have some rare pets such as Proto-Drake Whelp, Vampiric Hatchling, Toothy, Pheonix Hatchling, Corehound Pup, and Enchanted Lantern.

    In my bank i have a lot of vanity tier sets such as full tier 2 armor and 7/8 tier 6 armor, as well as over 20 tabards including Relentless Gladiator's Tabard and Furious Gladiator's Tabard. I also have at least a third of all the BoA leveling items.


    My account also has an 80 tauren female druid, 71 tauren female warrior, and 60 troll female mage all on the same server.

    As I said you would also be receiving my sc2 account as well as at least 3 weeks of WoW gametime.


    I'm looking for at least $250 dollars for the account since it has playtime and my sc2 account...granted I know many people are probably not that excited about that account attached to it, so I might be flexible on the price.
    I would like to use paypal for the transaction, but might be up to other options. Also I have the secret Q/A to the account too.

    Please pm me if you need anymore information or want to chat to me about it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.