WTS: US: For sale MOLTEN-WOW Donor Druid

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    I have a few Molten donor accounts I would like to sell but I am going to list one and see how it goes first. Got to sell them all, have new baby on way.

    I have a 80 druid (Horde Tauren) on Molten WOW private server, donor toon with a $130 investment on him with donor gear. I am asking for $90 on him. He has 30 coins left and around 190 vote points left as well. He can raid buff to over 85k hp and will proc to 100k hp's with his gear+build most fights. He does really well in PVP also and is hard to kill. Also has a guild and guild bank with guild ownership transferable, an officer currently. GS score of around 6300

    Server is Neltharion and for anyone not familiar with MOLTEN WOW it's the biggest free private server and almost 100% like retail except no Cata which is awesome! Here is the link s.molten-wow/

    First come first serve guys, if you post you will take at $90 you got it. Semi Negotiable.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.