WTS: US: Epic Account - 85 rogue, 85 priest.

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    I'd sell in 2 weeks ,I'll have legendary daggers in 2 weeks, Savior of Azeroth title on rogue. Item lvl is going to be 406 on rogue, 398 on priest. Over 60k gold sitting on my rogue.

    Rare Mounts : Ashes of Al'ar, Pureblood Firehawk, Brutal Gladiator mount, Rivendare's Deathcharger, Spectral Tiger, Invincible, Amani War Bear, 2x Grey Riding Camel (Feat of Strenght), 2x Anzu, 2x Swift White Hawkstrider, 2x Amani Battle Bear, Big Battle Bear (TCG Loot), Swift Zulian panther.

    Rogue has over 11,500 achievements points.
    Priest has over 9,000 achievements points.

    Rare Items : Warglaives, Legendary Daggers, Legendary Bow, Thunderfury.
    Rare Titles : the Immortal, Savior of Azeroth, Firelord US 7th achievement.

    Both toons are mine, and I've been the owner of the account for over 5 years.
    Both of them are on horde side, different server. Transfers up.
    Also have some low lvl alts, from 50-75.

    Feel free to message me for more infos.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.