WTS: US: CHEAP WoW account ALL expansions only $25

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    Several months after quitting sometime during the WoTLK expansion I bought Cataclysm, and decided to drop the game.

    I have an ICC geared level 80 tauren protection warrior, As well as a level 60 tauren death knight.

    The account has no WoW time and has been inactive for more than three months, so viewing from the armory is unavailable.

    Here is proof that the characters are there and my account.


    This account has ALL expansions active, so all you need is game time.

    I wish to be payed $25 worth of credits on a certain website for a game, the process is very simple and the payment is done through PayPal.

    You must give me a reason I can trust you, and I will give you the account details first.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.