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    even tho cata is enable i didnt get to play it much so everything is fresh for cata
    so the main is a 80 undead male warrior with pre-cata engame gear for pvp and dps, some tank. full flight and max pre-cata proffs.(engi mining) about 30 mounts, full flight training. dragon, pvp mounts
    the account has all the expansions
    account has blizzcon gifts
    weapons and armor only in pre-cata Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds etc.
    pre-cata echieves, naax stull like that
    lots of alts on three servers. nerzhul (multiple heirlooms) sentinels(ally alts) moonguard
    about 5k gold on the account

    linked to starcraft 2

    im kinda looking for 100 bucks for it, 50 for the cata and 50 for starcraft and the actual account free. im just looking to get the money back from those two games i wont be playing anymore, price negotiable
    pm me if interested
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.