WTS: US: [Cheap]1-85 in 9 days WTS: EU: or WTS: US: powerleveling for only $50.

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    Hi guys and welcome to my auction page,

    This is an auction for me to level your WoW character from 1 - 85.

    What I offer that the other powerlevellers don't:

    I level purely by questing! Many of the other power-levelling services on this website use well known botting software for levelling purposes - it grinds, farms battlegrounds and farms instances.
    But this is why i'm different - by playing by hand there is a 0% chance of your account being banned for power-levelling services - I only play 8 hours a day (not 24/7 like the botters) and I can STILL get you to 85 faster then those other companies.

    Feel free to add me on skype for a chat - andrewlevins
    You will of course be kept completely up to date with the levelling progress. PM me with your questions.

    Thanks for reading!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.